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Zeeman Textielsupers

Experience the magic of our latest virtual production. Shot at the renowned Ready Set Studios in Amsterdam and directed by the talented Menno Fokma, this fashion commercial takes you on a captivating journey.

With the hired expertise of Marcus Driessen, we’ve created stunning CGI shots using cutting-edge Unreal technology. Our team meticulously designed the spaceships and curated captivating backgrounds that complement the commercial’s fashion theme.

Prepare to be immersed in a world where creativity and technology collide. This production pushes the boundaries of reality, offering a unique perspective on fashion.

Director: Menno Fokma ll DOP: Stef Kwinten ll First AD: Cora Aarnoutse ll Photographer: Jeroen W. Mantel ll Producer: Geert Jansen ll Styling: April Jumelet ll Hair & Make-up: Ellen Van Exter ll Gaffer: Zen Bloot ll Focus Puller:Max Franken ll Grip: Mike Laureys ll Set: Florian Legters ll Best boy: Henry Rodgers ll Electrician: Yoshua Thomassen ll DMX Operator: Ryan Schaminee ll Cast: EvD Agency ll Stuntteam: STUNTTEAM HAMMY DE BEUKELAER BELGIUM ll VP ReadySet Studios Robert Okker ll Ready Set Techniek: Philip Trijnes ll Ass. Producer: Rosa Winkelman ll Design, Unreal: Jurg Neve KATANANGA ll Design, Unreal: Marcus Driessen ll Edit: Menno Fokma ll Additional 3D: Julien Kraakman ll Compositing: Kees Sparnaaij ll  ll Grade: Barrie Captcha! VFX ll Music + Sound: Max Gramser ( )

CGI shots - Katananga 3D Motion Design Studio
CGI shots - Katananga 3D Motion Design Studio
CGI shots - Katananga 3D Motion Design Studio